Ventilating Fans

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan - New Features for Bathroom Series

New Features for Bathroom Series


1. Compact & Stylish

Compact size with powerful exhaust capacity can fit most bathrooms of up to 7.5m2and 15m2respectively. Moreover, the slim and elegant design of the front louver matches any modern decor perfectly.

Bathroom Series
2. Easy Installation

The Exhauster is well-designed to facilitate the installation of the product. With the supplier accessories, only a few steps are required to complete the set up of the fan.

Shutter Series (For Vertical Shaft)- only 2 steps for installation
  • The fan can be mounted in the shaft of the building which is used for exhausting air or ducting.
  • Be sure to secure duct space as shown below. Otherwise, the fan cannot perform as designed.
Bathroom Series
Pipe Hood Series- only 4 steps for installation
Bathroom Series
3. All Accessories Included

The Moisture & Smell Exhauster includes all required accessories in the packaging. It provides you the most convenience for product purchase, and also saves your time of seeking available accessories in the market.

Bathroom Series
4. Back Draft Shutter - Shutter Series (For Vertical Shaft only)

Dirty air or odor from other rooms may flow inside the house through the duct when the fan is not operating. The back draft shutter covers the duct hole as the fan is not in use, blocking the ingress of wind and water.

Bathroom Series
5. Trace Prevention - Pipe Hood Series only

When it rains, rain water flowing along pipe hood may cause trace marks on the wall. The exclusively designed duct ring prevents water flow from making traces on the wall.

Bathroom Series