Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan - Safety Features

Nowadays, air conditioning is very popular in modern living; however, ceiling fans are still beneficial for human life. Ceiling fans not only create wide span of airflow for cooling effect, but also help the circulation of cool air generated by air conditioning systems in the room.

By the pursuit of higher quality of life, ceiling fans are expected to have more functions and value added features. When you select a ceiling fan, safety and reliability would be one of the major concerns.


Safety Policy By KDK

Preventive Measures For Premium Safety

Our aim is to minimize and reduce the accidents that may lead human injury; thus, the safety policy by KDK must be carried out to prevent any dangerous accident.

Safety Policy By KDK


Safety Features for Ceiling Fan

1. Cut-off Safety Switch

Safety Policy By KDK

Problem: In case there is any wear at either the shaft or the bolt, abnormal wobbling of fan will occurs as it runs. The wearing will become advanced if the fan continues to operate, and the pipe or fastener will break eventually.

Our Solution: Cut-off safety switch is equipped to cut off power supply while dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt are detected.

As abnormal wobbling occurs, the lever will detach from the switch and the fan will stop. It will prevent further wearing to the damaged part. It can minimize the fracture of the pipe and reduce the chances of falling accidents taking place.

2. Safety Hook

Safety Policy By KDK

Problem: Blade fins may fall from the fan motor in case fatigue of material occurs.

Our Solution: An exclusively designed fall prevention hook is equipped on the back of motor. This mechanism secures against falling of blades caused by wearing.

3. Safety Wire

Safety Policy By KDK

Problem: Fan motor may fall from the pipe rod accidently by factors, such as wearing of shaft bolt, etc.

Our Solution: Safety wire is adopted to secure the fan motor with the ceiling hook and it prevents falling of the motor when detachment of the fan motor from the pipe rod occurs.