Ventilating Fans

Window Mount Type Ventilation Fan - Features for Cord Operated Shutter Series

These fans shall be mounted in and exhaust air through a glass plate. Installation can be done indoors by one person only that saves the installation cost of making a wall opening.

Various types are available for different usages. Deluxe type can operate in rain and strong wind up to 10m/s wind velocity without any backflow. Cord-operated Shutter type can be installed simply in any glass plate and Electric Shutter type maintains air-tightness as the fan is turned off.


Features for Cord-operated Shutter Series - 15WUD/20WUD


High performance condenser motor with long-life bearing
  • Low power consumption (50% down VS previous model)
  • Low noise level (6% down VS previous model)
  • Long life up to 40,000 hours (1.5 time VS previous model)
  • Comply with IPX4 (outside)
Cord Operated Shutter Series
Advanced Blade Design

Compared to previous models, new models adopt high performance condenser motor and long-life bearing that prolong the product durability, from an average 30,000 hours lifetime to 60,000 hours. They also enable energy saving by reducing power consumption down to an average 13%.

Cord Operated Shutter Series
Cord Operated Shutter Series