Water Pumps

Feature Highlight

Highly Durable

  • Stainless steel impeller (*1), SUs steel motor shaft, cast iron casing with paint coated housing and brass-made casing cover allow rust resistance for water stream channel.
  • IP54 ingress protection prevents dust ingress and water splashing which may impair safety of the product.
  • Able to operate at ambient temperature 50°C providing feasible application of the product. (1*) Impeller of 05PHPNA S6 is brass-made


Equipped with thermal protector enhances security against burning.

High Performance

Smooth curve design provides smoother water stream resulting high efficiency with low power consumption.

(1*) Impeller of 05PHPNA S6 is brass-made

High Performance

10% up of water flow with same power consumption compared with other brand

Heat Resistant

Able to operate under high ambient temperature up to 50°C

Dust Proof

Trouble free to the product during operating in dusty space

Rust Proof

Stainless steel impeller and coating casing to prevent rusting inside water channel