Ventilating Fans

Window Mount Type Ventilation Fan - Features for High Pressure Deluxe Series

Features for High Pressure Deluxe Series - 15WJA
1. Rain-proof and wind resistible
  • Dome shaped hood with 2-piece shutter design enables operation in light rainy days and strong wind up to 10m/s. (Hi-Notch)
  • Other brand products may stop operation under strong wind or backflow whereas normal operation can be maintained for 15WJA.
  • Reference: Air velocity of typhoon signal No.3 is 11 to 17m/s (Hong Kong)


2. Powerful airflow and sustainable to high static pressure
  • Axial turbo fan can generate maximum 220CMH airflow and operate under high static pressure.
  • Specially designed for multistorey buildings, in which airflow is easily affected by the room’s air-tightness and outside wind.
High Pressure Deluxe Series

e.g. Bathroom
Air Change Per Hour = 8 (HVI Recommend)
Area = 4m2
Ceiling Height = 2.5m
Air Volume Required = 4 x 2.5 x 8 = 80CMH