Ventilating Fans

Industrial Type Ventilating Fan

These fans can be used in factories, warehouses, shops, commercial kitchens and other places where large air change is necessary. Particular models are applicable for the places being ventilated by duct pipe through which static pressure is relative high.


High Static Pressure, Low Power Consumption

The newly developed fan and original bell mouth construction enable operation with high static pressure and low power consumption.*Fan with 3-dimensional S-shaped cross-section blade

Industrial Type Ventilating Fan


Low-Noise Design

The fan blade’s distinctive wave shape, developed using hydrodynamic analysis, delivers a smooth, turbulence-free airflow. The result is more air with less noise.
*Surface velocity vector diagram

High Durability

Pressure is distributed more uniformly over the surface of the new fan blade, making the blade more durable. A special polyester resin and powder coating give a beautiful color and a highly rust-resistant finish.

Industrial Type Ventilating Fan