Air Moving Equipment

Low Noise Type Cabinet Fans (In-line Fan)

Low Noise Type Cabinet Fans are ducted ventilating fans with both intake and outlet opening fixing at interior and exterior of the house respectively. They can be used as single port or multi port to exhaust air from several areas with one unit. Since only a small ventilation opening is required, the appearance of the interior is not spoiled.

All models are manufactured from galvanized steel enhancing high durability. The unique suction fan design and acoustic noise absorbing material realize low noise operation. The high performance induction motor offers low consumption, long life and high reliability.

The slim, compact and light-weight structure allows easy installation at narrow ceiling space. Those units can be installed upside down, that location of inspection opening can be selected to ensure easy access for maintenance. Particular U-grooved mounting brackets prevent loosening of mounting bolts that reinforce installation safety.

Wide range of models, either single/double speed or single/three phase, are available for different requirements.

Low Noise Type Cabinet Fans