Ventilating Fans

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan - New Features for Filter Series

General Features

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan
1. Perforated Aluminium Filter - Durable

The filter adopts aluminium material to assure excellent durability, and it is easily detachable for cleaning and maintanence.

2. Oil Collecting - Environmental Friendly

The perforated filter is competent in collecting oil. It keeps the exhausted air less polluted to improve the air quality of the surroundings.

3. Easy Clean Coating - Convenient

The perforated aluminium filter is processed with an easy-clean coating name “Hydrophobic Coating”. It is basically a paint composed of fluorine compound particles that have small affinity with water or oil. This material has low surface tension allowing oil droplets to fall without adhering to the material.

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan