Ventilating Fans

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan - General Features

These fans shall be installed to exhaust air through a wall. They are equipped with outside shutters which will open when the fan is on and vice versa. There is a wide range of products, either blade size or functions, that can fit various requirements.

Filter type collects oil effectively that is ideal for use in the kitchen. Louver type provides additional safety protection from finger reach while Reversible type extends the flexibility of utilization by selection of exhaust or intake. Metallic type is suitable for places where resin ventilating fans cannot be used. The newly launched Bathroom type has a powerful exhaust capacity to remove moisture and smell in bathrooms and toilets.


General Features

Advanced Blade Design

New blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacles against the airflow.

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan
New High Performance Motor and Bearing

Compared to previous models, new models adopt high performance condenser motor and long-life bearing that prolong the product durability, from an average 30,000 hours lifetime to 60,000 hours. They also enable energy saving by reducing power consumption down to an average 13%.

Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan