Water Pumps

Merit of KDK water pump

As the Company begun water pump business since 1995 in Japan. They have earned the customers’ thrust since the water pump manufacturing started from 1998 in Indonesia.

The Company is the leading manufacturing company in Indonesia and has received “Best Brand Award” from the customers satisfaction reviews in Indonesia due to:

Japan Technology

Applying the latest Japan Technology of the motor to our water pump products, design and quality review are done in Japan. The competitive advantages are high quality, high efficiency, long life and compactness. With those advantages, we highly recommend our products in ME&AF.

Japan Quality

From design to sales, the strict demand for high Japanese standard of quality is well executed in all procedures. Manufacturing motors, parts processing, finishing, quality inspection etc. all are done throughout this Japan Quality Standard. Thus, KDK gains its long life, 3 yeas motor warranty, low defective rate and durability.